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Reliable. Safe. Accessible.


Slugmaster Inc. is a 100% Canadian manufacturer of gun unloading stations based in Guelph, Ontario. Together with our parent company, AWC Manufacturing LP, we have been achieving safety superiority since 1990.


The Slugmaster, Slugmaster Total Control and Cyclone unloading stations are safety products intended to protect individuals from unintentional discharge in the course of loading or unloading fire arms.


Extensive balistic testing and our sleek design have made Slugmaster the choice unloading station for recreational and professional associations across North America. Whether you're on the gun range or guarding a maximum security prison, Slugmaster will exceed your expectations!



Why choose Slugmaster?


>Extensive balistic testing to yield 100% customer satisfaction


> Bi-metal technology using hardened steel plates (500 Brinell) for maximum durability


> Baked finish powder coat to increase durability


> Painted "Safety Red" for easy recognition


> Wide range of containable calibers **including armour piercing ammo**


> Two different sizes to best suit your needs


> Backed by our 10 year Manufacturers Limited Warranty