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Reliable. Safe. Accessible.

The Slugmaster unloading stations have become the choice of both professional and recreational associations across North America. Our tried, tested and true line contains three different units that are guarenteed to fit your unloading needs. Our newest unit, the Slugmaster Total Control, was developed in response to customer demands for a station that could withstand armour piercing rounds.


With two diferent sizes available, the stations can either be situated on the floor, on a desk/table, or mounted to a wall. If you are needing to mobilize a station, all of our units can be secured onto our Universal Cart, which makes transporting gun safety easy!


Slugmaster units are painted safety red and are protected by baked finish powder coat paint to make it both durable and attractive.



All of our units are easy to use as shown in this video. Please feel free to contact your Local Distributor or Contact Us for any questions or concerns!

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Accessible. Easily Transported.




Even our larger units can be relocated easily with the help of our universal cart!